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Season Two of Edict Zero – FIS Begins!

The second season of Slipgate Nine Entertainment’s audio drama series, Edict Zero – FIS, has just begun with the release of the premiere episode : EP201 – “Everything Changes(I)” It’s available for download right now on the site!

I’m Jack Kincaid. I am the creator, producer, and, well, I’m a lot of things. I have to be a lot of things, which isn’t always easy. Producing a show of Edict Zero’s quality is never easy. Make no mistake. It takes a lot. However, I feel it is worth it and, as I’ve stated before, quality is my first concern. High frequency of episode releases would be nice, yes, but if you create something of tremendous quality, it will carry through time. It need not be current to be relevant. That’s one of the philosophies by which I operate (and on an almost zero budget, should I add?)

This is a volunteer venture, and as such it is susceptible to intrusions of life’s events and other things which impact free time. I’m not only referring to my own free time. I am also referring to other voice actors involved. Life happens. Things come up, for me, for them, for everyone. It’s dealt with as it occurs.

FYI: None of the characters of Edict Zero are ever going to be recast. I’ve received occasional emails and DMs with concerns about this. People are comfortable with the voices that they’ve become accustomed to for the characters. So am I. I’m not going to change that, so that’s a factor, too. Much like television, if an actor must go (temporarily or permanently for whatever the reason), so too must the character. However, unlike television, I’m not really bound by a schedule, unless I impose it on myself. I answer to yours truly. Sometimes, things might take a little extra time to make sure it’s done right. I apologize, but on the other hand, I totally don’t apologize, if you know what I mean.

You’re probably expecting bad news now. There isn’t any! Yay!

Well, not about that anyway.

I’m sure those who enjoyed Season 1 will be happy to know that everyone has come back for Season 2, so rejoice. It’s a small but awesome group of people. I’m glad to have them. They make this show what it is as much as I do, and there will even be additions this season–which may run straight into fall of 2012 or later. We’ll see.

The bad news, depending on how you look at it, is I’m not sure how my plans to go to a twice-a-month are going to work out in the long run. I pushed through an awful lot of personal crap to make this happen. There’s also the matter of the scripts which I’m having disagreements with myself about. I’m not saying how it’s going to go one way or the other, be it smoothly or roughly, through 2012, only that it’s going to go. Edict Zero is my top priority project. Let’s just see what happens.

Now, the good news about what’s left of 2011!

The next episode, EP202 – Everything Changes (II), will be released on November 15th! I could have spaced the first group of episodes out more, but I think to have to wait a month between these episodes would be … well, cruel.

If you listen, you’ll understand why.

I won’t make you wait a month for EP202. I won’t do that to you. There are limits to my evil.

The third episode, EP203 – The Road Not Taken, will be released in December. I’d like to do it on the first. I do not know whether this will happen (main reason: holidays), but it will be released at some point during the first half of December. It will be released when it’s done. I’m not going to rush it or cut corners to meet some arbitrary deadline.

After that, the fourth episode, presently titled “Red Lines”, will have a preview released on New Year’s day, 2012, and then be released at some point in January. It’s too early to know exactly when. The good news about this episode and those that follow is they will have their own prominent self-contained arcs (within all the other arcs, of course). Thus : if waiting time does end up becoming an issue, because of that ghastly reality thing, it may be a little easier on the listener.

Right now, I have to get back to producing EP203.

Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy the show.


–Jack Kincaid


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