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EP304 – “The Quondam Heart (I)” — Due July 8th.

The next episode, EP304 – “The Quondam Heart (I)” – will be released shortly after midnight EST in the first minutes of July 8th.

After what has been called by many a quintessential episode, the monstrous EP303- “No Bounds”, this new episode is off-beat, but like all eps, I hope, will shine its own right. It sees the return of two popular characters of the past, Special Agent Nick Garrett (reprised by James Keller) and Captain Socrates (reprised by Jack Kincaid, me), who haven’t been heard from since the Season 2 finale and in almost a year in real-time. It’s big for the story and as an added bonus fun at the same time. It also introduces a new characters in a shadow group who will be joining the dynamic of Edict Zero as the story develops in the future.

The episode after, EP305 – “The Quondam Heart (II)” — will be released in August. The original intent was to release it exactly one month after 304, but that may not happen, so I won’t be setting a specific release date at this time.

Quality is paramount to me and time isn’t as plentiful this month with real life stuff. I will keep listeners updated as to when the preview for EP305 will be released and by that time when the full episode should be available.

Patience appreciated. I repeat it to the point of redundancy, I fear, but nonetheless, these productions take a lot.

Thanks to all listeners.


–Jack Kincaid

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