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On Edict Zero’s EP305 and The Hiatus That Follows

The latest episode of Edict Zero, EP305 – “The Quondam Heart (II)”, was released yesterday on the show’s website. I hope fans enjoy it.

EP305 offers some tremendous moments for the story as a lead-up to a Season 3 finale. When that will happen is probably the next thing that I ought to address.

I expect to return to production in the fall. I cannot promise. Fall is my intent. Post-production is all me and it takes a lot to make the episodes sound as I want them to.

When Season Two ended, I wasn’t completely sure that Edict Zero would continue. It wasn’t because I lost faith in it, but rather I didn’t know if the changes in my life would make it possible. That’s part of the reason why I devoted so much time to the character of Captain Socrates at the end, as it was important to me that he was better understood. There was a very real possibility that EP207 would be my last word. Grim as things were, I carried on with Season 3 anyway.

Over this past year, I sacrificed more than a little in the name of art and continuing this good thing. It has had its benefits, measured by such things as greater experience for me on about all levels, telling a story as I want to tell it, and the show’s growing fan-base to whom I am indebted.

As this is a non-monetized endeavor, totally for free as I believed it should be, it hasn’t been beneficial in other areas. There are other things that I need to tend to. Have to. It wouldn’t be healthy or wise to put them off for much longer. I refer to professional and life things alike.

Even having said that, I have zero regrets. I am proud as hell of the last five episodes. Edict Zero may not have the promotional machine that some other shows employ and big names of the moment shouting its praises from the rooftops, but make no mistake, the eyes of time see what was done here. I know it. I would take none of it back. The upward curve has gone into the sky. I could not be happier with its evolution.

In short, Edict Zero will return. It just may be a little while before that happens. I hope for Fall. This is a good thing that we have going. Unless I meet an untimely demise, I will see it to an eventual conclusion. 😉

Patience requested.

Thanks, everybody.


–Jack Kincaid


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