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Progress Update #1 – Edict Zero

I said I would toss up another post about the progress of Edict Zero’s return, so here it is. There has been a lot of script reworking going on, mindful of not just of the next episode itself but of the totality of the series and where it’s headed. The big picture is of monstrous pertinence.

EP306-EP307 has probably been rewritten and gutted about a dozen times over the past six months. The work was not continuous during that time frame as life intervened with major events, traditional employment, the magazine podcasts, and, of course, my post-production gigs for The Apocalypse Triptych audiobook series.

Originally, there was a much larger story arc planned, one which could have extended into ten or more seasons, but that’s indicative of a kind of madness. From such madness often arises ambition too excessive to be realistic (unless some incredible wealth falls in my lap). What I don’t want to do is put the fans into a situation where a conclusion to the story may never be reached and leave it forever dangling at some point farther down the road.

What I can tell you for sure is that the next release(s) will bring Season 3 to an end. The structure of what will come thereafter is still up in the air, as the pros and cons are weighed of another season of smaller episodes, including monster-of-the-week ones to explore different aspects of Edict Zero, or go straight to how I planned to end EZ: with a trilogy of two-hour feature lengths that would be comparable to movies–sans the visuals, obviously.

I expect to reach that decision in mid-November when the production phase actually starts rolling.

I wish there was more to report right now. In a week, I should have more to say.




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