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Progress Update #2 – Edict Zero

Hello, all.  Jack Kincaid here.  I promised another update on this site much sooner than this, but better late than never.  The script to Edict Zero EP306 – “Horizons (I)” was recently released to the cast and the voice tracks are already coming in.  I have also begun recording voice for my own characters.   The next question on the minds of fans is surely: when can we expect EP306?  I don’t have an answer for that as of yet.  What I can tell you is that production has started and there will progress updates on Edict Zero’s facebook page more so than here. The more places I have to write updates to, the less time I have for production, writing, and other things.  Time is not something I have an abundance of, as I did in the past.  Patience requested, but we are definitely, officially rolling forward.

As for the future of Edict Zero, post Season 3, I have elected to produce a trilogy of feature lengths (2-2.5 hours each, to guesstimate based on what I have in mind).  This will be the culmination of the series story.  You might liken what I’m planning to a trilogy of movies.  I toy with the idea that this trilogy could function as a stand-alone, but that I am still debating.  Either way, a gargantuan finish and it’s to be hoped: a magnum opus of sound.  This will be in the 2015-2016 time frame.  Venue is also being pondered.

The next post on the Slipgate Nine blog will be when I have set a release date for EP306.

Thanks to all involved in Edict Zero and that includes you, loyal fans and listeners.


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