Edict Zero Update #3

22 Feb

I’m a little behind in updating the Slipgate 9 blog, but here’s the third one. Episode 306 – “Horizons (I)” will be released on March 1rst. It was truly a challenge to return to production after being away from it so long, slow-going at first, but I feel that I’m back up to par, both on a technical level and with the character voices that I do.

Work on 307 – “Horizons (II)” will begin shortly after the release of 306. For that, we’re probably looking at a late May, early June release. I’m shooting a little long in projecting that, to be on the safe side. That will be the Season 3 finale and really the series finale for “Edict Zero – FIS”, but have no fear as the trilogy of features that will continue the Edict Zero story is a locked-in thing for the 2015 – 2017 time frame. The trilogy is being constructed so that it may stand alone, albeit with the Edict Zero – FIS series as its backstory, one it’s to be hoped that future fans of the trilogy will go back and check out, if they haven’t already.

Edict Zero media tie-ins will also happen in conjunction with the trilogy.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The good news for now is that 306 is on the way after our long hiatus. I look forward to bringing it to you.

Thanks to all the fans.




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2 responses to “Edict Zero Update #3

  1. Tim

    February 26, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    Hey Jack, so I found a podcast which did recaps of episodes for the Trhilling aDventure Hour and Welome to Ngiht Vale if you have heard of either of those two audio dramas. I said to them in my email that they should check out a few other audio dramas and put yours at the top of the list. Your work is complex, and probably the best technical production I have ever heard. Your characters are all 3 dimensional an odd thing considering the nature of the world you created, and there are many comedic moments as well as moments of suspense in each epode. This is jeu tot say keep up the great work and I hope that the Podcast Recap Podcast checks out your work. You have an excellent product and it’s a shame that more people don’t know about it.

  2. Jack Kincaid

    February 28, 2015 at 9:47 am

    Big thanks, Tim! Much, much appreciated. I intend to produce for many years to come and comments like yours are reassuring that it’s the right path. Cheers.


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