The Season 3 Finale

19 Mar

An update here is overdue, so here it is. The first part of the Season 3 finale of Edict Zero – FIS, EP306 – “Horizons (I)” – was released on March 1rst on the website. The second part, “Horizons (II)”, was supposed to come out of preproduction this past week, but real life rudely intervened, as sometimes happens. I expect the dust to settle this weekend and for the final script to go out next week. Once that happens, production will promptly begin.

Another bit of news is that I have decided to produce a Season 4, which I will begin work on from the moment Season 3 comes to a close. To clear up any past confusion, the plan before now was to end the “Edict Zero – FIS” series with Season 3, but not the story which would continue in a three-part trilogy of features. Though Season 3 is going to answer some of the big questions, it was not going to wrap everything up to a story conclusion. That will be the function of the culmination in the trilogy.

The trilogy is still on, but it will be after a Season 4.

There’s nothing else to report right now except I enjoy reading fan reactions to EP306 and the series as a whole. I’m thankful for the fans and it will be my pleasure to continue the Edict Zero story into the future.


–Jack Kincaid


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