The Conclusion of Season 3 In Production

21 Jun

Howdy. The seventh episode of Season 3 was released a few days ago on the website: Horizons (II). The finale and third part of Horizons is now in production. We have a headstart this time as all character voice tracks are in and part of the first production layer is already done.

In my previous post, I mentioned that EP308 wouldn’t be far behind and would be finished by July, but I couldn’t have anticipated how challenging it would be to capture what I wanted to in EP307. Therefore, I cannot yet set a release date for EP308. There is a lot going on right now on my front, but I still expect the wait won’t be as long as the last one. I stated “late summer” as a projection on the website. It shouldn’t be too late. Not too late.

Fingers crossed.

It will be one of those longer episodes and it will have some big moments in store. Keep an eye on the facebook page for updates. I will post again here when I have a release date to announce.

In the meanwhile, thank you to all the fans for your support and enthusiasm. It means a lot.


–Jack Kincaid


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One response to “The Conclusion of Season 3 In Production

  1. sam

    August 18, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    Yey! Thanks for the update Jack!


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