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Season 4 of Edict Zero – FIS

Apologies for not keeping this site up to date. On May 30th, the first episode of Season 4 — EP401 – PARADIGMS — was released on the website. The hoped-for schedule for the summer isn’t quite working out, but I am pleased to report that the next episode, EP402 – “GHOSTS (I)” is in post-production right now. The episode to follow, EP403 – “GHOSTS (II)” is mostly produced and some elements of it are in post. We hit a number of bumps, for reasons including expanding the cast list, script issues, schedules, and personal lives, but the momentum is picking enough where I can feel confident enough to say that EP402 will be released in August.

There’s also an Edict Zero trailer in the works.

For those interested in the Edict Zero universe tie-in stories and who may not know, I did an experimental film as a student that ties in with the backstory. It’s called “The Strange Case of Doctor Barron”. You can check that out on youtube here.

I thank the fans for their enthusiasm and saintly patience. Wheels are turning.

–Jack Kincaid


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