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Edict Zero Update – Season 4

EP402 – “Ghosts (I)” was released yesterday on the website. Thanks to all listeners for your patience in-between releases as post-production is done by one person. Me. My estimates to when releases will happen have been off as well as life and the demands of life changes.

Echoed from the FB page:

A few words now that Ghosts (I) has been released. First, to new listeners, Edict Zero is in a sense served two ways. The full experience comes via a good pair of stereo headphones. On the other hand, if you want the more traditional radio drama experience with the voices more in the foreground and the soundscape restrained, you’ll want to go with speakers, but you’ll only be getting half the experience.

“Ghosts(I)” is the smaller episode of the Ghosts arc. In it, there’s the set-up for Ghosts (II), what’s sure to be a classic Spoon scene, and a pivotal scene for the future of Nick Garrett in the series. What it doesn’t have is any big cliff-hanger that will drive you crazy waiting for the next one. I really can’t utilize that device with a series that’s released on an irregular schedule that sometimes changes. I count on the quality and investment in characters to bring people back.

EP403 – “Ghosts (II)” will be longer. To say it’s ambitious would understate and there’s more I want to do with it than originally planned. It has a lot of action. A hell of a lot going on. The release date for that is TBA. It will be a little while, as I soon return to college which must come first, but I will be working on it. The delay might make the wait for 404 slightly less excruciating as that is a biggie for the series, will be challenging, and won’t be till 2017.

Thanks to all the listeners who keep Edict Zero alive. Cheers, everyone.



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