SLIPGATE NINE ENTERTAINMENT is a production endeavor, which professionally produces content for podcasts (such as Lightspeed Magazine & Nightmare Magazine) and other speculative fiction media. The latter includes productions such as Edict Zero – FIS under Creative Commons Licenses through The Internet Archive.

For Edict Zero, this endeavor focuses on the audio drama form, making heavy use of musical layering and sound effects to create a full stereo soundscape of professional technical quality.  It incorporates the tracks of voice actors, sound artists, musicians, and other artists, either as direct contributors in its productions or passive contributors through permissions, creative licenses, clear availability of musical multi-tracks for public remix, or the public domain.  Rights to voices, sounds, music, stories, characters, settings, and other components of the productions remain with their creators under their individual terms or licenses.  The releases themselves–which in some Creative Commons contexts may be considered “remixes” of all its source material–are free products that you can download and distribute/display/air under the terms of their Creative Commons licenses.

If you want to contact someone specific in the S-9 productions, you should be able to find links to their sites from our site or from the site of the relevant show.  Regardless, you’re welcome to send an email to our main address and we’ll give you contact information, if we can, or pass a message along to them.

You can contact us at our e-mail account.

slipgate9 [@]



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