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Season 4 of Edict Zero – FIS

Apologies for not keeping this site up to date. On May 30th, the first episode of Season 4 — EP401 – PARADIGMS — was released on the website. The hoped-for schedule for the summer isn’t quite working out, but I am pleased to report that the next episode, EP402 – “GHOSTS (I)” is in post-production right now. The episode to follow, EP403 – “GHOSTS (II)” is mostly produced and some elements of it are in post. We hit a number of bumps, for reasons including expanding the cast list, script issues, schedules, and personal lives, but the momentum is picking enough where I can feel confident enough to say that EP402 will be released in August.

There’s also an Edict Zero trailer in the works.

For those interested in the Edict Zero universe tie-in stories and who may not know, I did an experimental film as a student that ties in with the backstory. It’s called “The Strange Case of Doctor Barron”. You can check that out on youtube here.

I thank the fans for their enthusiasm and saintly patience. Wheels are turning.

–Jack Kincaid


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Season 4 of Edict Zero – FIS (Coming in 2016)

Greetings, fans, web wanderers, all.

Jack Kincaid here. I meant to update this page since the last post (in June) but — as has become the tradition — the Slipgate 9 blog went neglected. The Edict Zero facebook page and series website will better inform and in a more timely manner.

The Season 3 finale of Edict Zero – FIS — EP308 – “Horizons (III)” — was released last month, much later than anticipated. The entire technical post-production team is yours truly and quite a lot has happened in my life over the past four months to keep me busy outside of production.. That’s part of the reason. The rest has to do with the technical challenges involved in capturing precisely what I want to and settling for no less.

Also, EP308 broke the record by running about 1 hour and 40 minutes, as long as a feature-length film. That wasn’t planned. It simply happened.

The positioning of the characters and the events taking place in the Edict Zero world were certainly planned. Perhaps the greatest challenge of writing a story as ambitious as Edict Zero with its slowly unravelling layers of mystery was learning the patience not to rush for the gratification of releasing its secrets, despite the endless, endless hours of painstaking post-production that can, at times, be a little maddening.

The final moments of EP308 were envisioned four years ago, just as the final culmination of the Edict Zero story was envisioned as a trilogy about one year ago. It may take another three years to reach that. We’re not at the final feature trilogy stage yet.

I intend to produce two to three more seasons (4-6) before that. Ambitious, yes.

Production work for Season 4 will begin in December. In 2016, Edict Zero – FIS will return. When, exactly, I don’t know for sure. My best guess right now would be March. Until then, we’re on a release hiatus.

Much appreciation to the cast, sound designers, musicians, and, of course, the fans for taking this journey with us.


Jack Kincaid


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